Rule for Elements with specific parent Element

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    • Rule for Elements with specific parent Element


      Is it possible to write a rule for all child Elements of a specific parent Element?
      The rule editor works for base elements of a dimension and not for consolidated elements, doesn’t it?

      I tried to use “if” and “PALO.eparent”…but Palo crashed?!?

      Any idea?

    • Hallo Axi

      Thank you for your reply!

      But I still doesn't work.

      I took the biker Demo-Database and added a Test Element to the "Measures" dimension and tried to write a rule wich sets Test=1 for all Elemts with parent Element=Austria:

      ['Test'] = IF(PALO.EPARENT("Biker","Customers","Austria",3),1,0)

      but it doesn't work. I think I didn't understand the Syntax of Eparent?!?
    • This would "work":
      ['Test'] = IF(PALO.EPARENT("Biker","Customers","Austria",1),1,0)

      It stalls my Palo Server ...

      3 would find the third parent (does not exist since there are no alternative hierarchies here)

      You might also look at PALO.ELEMENT_LIST_ANCESTORS

      But what do want to achieve by this?

      If you want to filter I would use subsets.
      You could also use a rule to modify attributes.
      If it is very generic I would work the ETL-Process.