How to save tab-delimited file?

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    • How to save tab-delimited file?

      How do I save a TAB-delimited file without quoting.

      I want:
      elementTABweightTAB...TABlast column

      I get:
      "element"\t"weight"\t"..."\t"last column"

      Source Code

      1. <connection name="hierarchyfile" type="File">
      2. <database>${h_outfile}</database>
      3. <quote></quote>
      4. <header>true</header>
      5. <delimiter>\t</delimiter>
      6. <encoding>UTF-8</encoding>
      7. </connection>

      Putting in a physical TAB instead of \t results in no delimiter
      Whatever I put into quote - I want NO quote - has no effect. Always " as delimiter...


      My Input files (some created with Calc) are unquoted, TAB-delimited. And the same spec work fine for the import...