Advanced functions for Palo in VBA

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  • Advanced functions for Palo in VBA

    I'd like to ask you if there's some place where I may find description of functions, that aren't normally used in PALO for Excel, such as PALO.ENABLE_LOOP etc.. I'd really appreciate it.

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    understand that, but it would be great, if you can post just a list of the most useful functions with parameters even without any description of them. F.e. Cube rebuilding and so on. I'd love to try to understand them... :)
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    Features you are asking for are marked as hidden. They are used internally by Palo Add-in for Excel and were not designed to be used outside context of our Add-in. That’s the reason why there is no documentation for it yet ;). You could try these three at your own risk:
    ENABLE_LOOP(bool EnableLoop) – notice when import loop starts/stops
    INIT(string HostName, string Service, string UserName, string Password) – initalises connection
    CLOSE_CONNECTIONS() – closes all open connections.
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