Excel report to complicated

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    • Excel report to complicated


      I have an excel file that is about 15 MB and growing in office 2007 version. In that report there are about 5 to 10 diagrams and about 10-15 tabs that use data from palo server, all of data and fields can be seen in 5 languages two from palo and other three from excel vlookup formulas (russian, german and romanian because palo don't work with them) and there is also a rules that calculate currencu values in about 20 currencus and some more rules that isn't important for now. I suggest to break excel file report to a few smaller one's but that is not an option with my boss. Do you have any ideas what to do. Everything is working good with excel file that have one to five tabs and when we look at data from one to two cubes.

      Best regards Sava.
    • Keep bugging your boss. Or better yet, tell them you're going on a week vacation and want to show them how to update the workbook. Then let them make changes to the workbook! Once they see how long it takes to update they'll change their mind in a hurry!

      The only other option is to turn off automatic calculations so that you can make all your changes without the spreadsheet bogging down...
    • Hi,
      I think turning off automatic calculation is an option, you could use a simple vba (to be put in the "This workbook" module) to automatically set it to "Manual" when opening the workbook and restore the "Automatic" mode when closing it:

      Private Sub Workbook_Open()
      Application.Calculation = xlCalculationManual
      End Sub

      Private Sub Workbook_BeforeClose(Cancel As Boolean)
      Application.Calculation = xlCalculationAutomatic
      End Sub

      As usual, you can press F9 to refresh the whole workbook when open, or Shift+ F9 to refresh just the active sheet.


    • Hi jgibbs and realquo.

      I try the first method to went on holiday and show my boss how the report work (how big and slow it is) but that doesn't work for him, hi is very persistent in things that he have in mind. I try the second method too. I put a macro that will turn off automatic calculation on report open and put another one to refresh tab's in report by the way i want but that don't solve my problem. I need some more idea's or to convince my boss to do something else. Thank you for your replays.

      Best regards Sava.
    • F9 / Shift F9

      Hi. With reference to F9 and Shift F9, I used to think that F9 was for recalculating an entire workbook, whereas Shift F9 would only recalculate the current sheet.

      When I however use Palo functions, F9 and Shift F9 return distinctly different values on the sheet I'm looking at. There doesn't seem to be much consistency in it - occasionally I have to use F9 as rule calculated values aren't returned with Shift F9, and occasionally the other way round.

      I know this doesn't make much sense, but it is definitely the case. Has anyone experienced something similar? What do you typically use for recalcs - a specific macro? ?( Am sure there must be some solution to this if companies actually use this software and place reliance on it to generate accurate results?
    • RE: Excel report to complicated

      I have made a report in excel that is directly linked to information input into a spreadsheet. I want to be able to send out the report without having to include the massive spreadsheets behind it. Unfortunately manual copying and pasting is not a viable option, it does not paste properly and takes too much time to fix. I have tried to look up a way but I do not understand the ways people have come up with. Is there a way to simply copy the data in the program or even create an image of it to import to word? Would it be easier to simply make it go to another spreadsheet? Is there also a way to ensure the print area does not change so I can simply press print and not have to change anything...


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