Attribute Cubes in Rule Wizard

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    • RE: Attribute Cubes in Rule Wizard

      Hello John

      it's true that the attribute cubes don't appear in the wizard - but you can use them just like any other cube:

      IF(PALO.DATA("FDWH", "#_Account", "OCFA", !'Account') == "F", 1, 0)

      I don't know why they are "hidden"

      Leo Matter
    • Thanks Leo - I know you can use them - it's just that it doesn't make sense for them not to be visible to be selected via the wizard, so I thought that maybe I was missing something.

      It alwasy takes me ages to get the syntax right - single quotes here, double quotes there, #_name etc etc, what order are the dimensions in in an attribute cube (I STILL can't remember without checking ;)) etc. etc.

      Jedox - a nice easy one to sort out for you there ???
      Best wishes

      John Hobson
      The Planning Factory, Lytham, UK