Rule to change Element Parent

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    • Rule to change Element Parent

      Hi everyone,

      I've been spending hours trying to figure out a way to automatically change parent coordination based on element value. I don't even think it's possible, but since I've read a lot of great solutions for problems of which I thought it wasn't possible to solve them - I give it a shot...

      What do I mean? - please excuse my Palo-language, I just tried to get to the point and if I knew a correct syntax, I wouldn't post this question...:

      If Palo Data (...,Element) > 100 Then Parent of Element = "A" Else "B"

      Maybe any ideas or suggestions?
    • I can't see a way to do that dynamically using rules, but you could do it via an if statement in an Excel process sheet.

      This would work as long as your data is static, but if you were using plan data it wouldn't do the job for you.

      You could use an ETL process to achieve this too, but it still wouldn't be real time.
      Best wishes

      John Hobson
      The Planning Factory, Lytham, UK