WSS no insert of new values

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  • WSS no insert of new values


    Worksheet Server V.2 on Linux. Application ist successfully compiled and deployed. Specified Cells are editable.

    inserted values are not updated, if previous value is 0. So no insert of numbers is possible. The strange thing: values can be modified. if the cell contains a number <> 0 the value is stored.

    What could be the possible reason? Suggestions on how to trace it down?

    btw. data input in excel works just fine.
  • RE: WSS no insert of new values

    maybe a user right issue. what user do you use for palo login? try ws.ini binding with admin user.

    Update. Didn't read this:
    btw. data input in excel works just fine.

    Any special formats used in the excel cell? Try to format as number (not General). Then try again.


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  • RE: WSS no insert of new values

    Checked: cellformat was number it has been Zahl (e.g. 1.000), seems ok to me.

    I think it has something with to do with last column:

    on an other view I do have 5 cols. last col is Date format. correctly displayed (e.g. 12.03.2009) if i modify it, value is stored. OK.
    If i delete value and hit enter value is removed.OK.
    If try no to enter new value - cell stays empty! ERROR

    in the 1st four column it wors fine. which is: if i remove value and enter new it is stored.

    really strange isn't it?
  • RE: WSS no insert of new values

    changing cell format doesn't change behaviour. the only difference in setting it to text is, that the cursor is aligned left instead of right.

    I just tried a new app with one view on the exisiting Demo-Database with some products/ units. Same situation: data can be modified in WSS, but once it is zero (or empty) no new values can be set.

    btw. I changed the palostyle on my local dev-system. the demos on demo folder are working. so maybe it is a global option on my database. will try a new DB or a new app in "demo applications" folder.

    btw. I truly hope it doesn't have anything to do with the message I get: license expires in 8 days.