Subsets in Rule Targets

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    • Subsets in Rule Targets


      Is it possible to use a subset as part of the target definition in a rule? This would save duplication when say chaining a rule month to month, but with an exception for month 1 which must apply before month 2 is calculated - thinking of a rolling cash flow.

      If not I'll add to the wish list

    • RE: Subsets in Rule Targets

      Hi Gandalf,

      It is not possible to use a subset in the target definition of your rule.
      However, the example you mention could easily be solved by specifying a rule for month 1 and a second rule for all other months:

      ['01',...] = expression
      [...] = expression

      The rules are evaluated from top to bottom in the rules sheet - the first rule the applies to the area will be taken, so exception rules should be listed before general rules.