Slow, slower, stuck

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  • Slow, slower, stuck

    Hi all,

    I know, somewhere at the forum it is described that the latest Palo-Version separetes system-logfiles and the historical sequel of the database. But how can i keep my Palo-Installation clean?

    After creating 4 DB's and filled it with data through Import of 6 Textfiles (6 days), my system got extremely slow!
    After my system got stuck, when doing an action I erased all db's and also the palo.log. Now my system ist fast again!

    Is there any other solution to fix that problem? Will the Release 1.1 be able to handle a larger bulk of data? We've got in mind to fill the databases with detailed information over years!



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  • RE: Slow, slower, stuck

    Yes, the next version of Palo should be a lot faster. Actually, there will be some changes to the roadmap soon.
    Currently as a workaround, I can recommend splitting large DBs on different servers.
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