Installing Palo on Ubuntu

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  • You're right. I've found that leaving it alone for 30 minutes helped. And then when it hung up again, I logged out closed FF and logged back in and everything worked right away. I went to paste a view in file manager but got this error message: None of the given font-families are available.

    I'm using apt-get right now to get the fonts. Interesting note, I got the following warning:

    Note, selecting ttf-mscorefonts-installer instead of msttcorefonts

    Anyway, they're are lot of fonts added to usr/share/fonts that I'm going to copy over now. I think I'm nearly there! Thanks for your help!

    Edit: Ok. I'm able to create views! The secret to getting Palo Web working for me is to log in and about about 4 times. I know it's not scientific (or probably even true) but it seems that everytime I reload, more stuff is there. And by the fourth time, the please wait dialogue only shows briefly.

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