(Another) Copy / Paste Utility

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  • (Another) Copy / Paste Utility

    Hi all,

    I thought I would throw my hat into the ring with this.

    Here is my Palo Paste function. The attached workbook provides a shortcut on the Excel menu called Palo Paste and provides support for:

    - support for windows clipboard (just use normal copy to select the value)
    - paste support of multiple values across or down
    - paste of same value across or down

    Note in Excel you need to add a reference to the Microsoft Forms 2.0 Object Library so you can interact with the Windows clipboard.

    While this works okay for me it may not be for everyone and there is no support or warranty i.e. all care but no responsibility. Note also I am not a programmer by birth (rather an accountant) so apologies to purists if the coding is bizarre :)

    Hope you find it useful.


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