Forecasting Report.

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    • Forecasting Report.

      I have an application with three datatypes Budget, Actual and Forecast. Now I have to display Forecast as Actual for periods elapsed plus Forecast for periods to come (Rules). variances of Actual Vs Budget and Actual Vs Forecast.
      How could I do this?
    • RE: Forecasting Report.

      Hi mamuncse,

      There are a lot of ways you can handle this, the following is one approach I use. I normally work with separate Year and Month dimensions for this reason.

      1. Create a calendar cube with the dimensions of Year, Month and Value.
      2. In Value create an element called Period Status.
      3. For all periods that have closed (are in the past) put a value of 1 against the intersection of Year and Month
      4. Create a rule in your other cube which has an algorithm based on the following:
      Forecast = If Period is 1 in Calendar Cube then Actual Else Budget

      My example represented as a Palo rule is:

      Source Code

      1. ['Forecast'] = N:IF(PALO.DATA("Demo","Calendar",!'Year',"Period Status",!'Month') == 1,['Actual'],['Budget'])

      I hope this helps.

    • RE: Forecasting Report.

      Thanks Rod, But I have already values in my Forecast base element.
      I have a three datatype Forecast; Actual and Budget with values as follow

      Jan 2007 Forecaset Sales-1 Interest income EURO 24.09090988
      Jan 2007 Forecaset Sales-1 Interest income EURO 24.23456988
      Jan 2007 Budget Sales-1 Interest income EURO 24.09096548
      Jan 2007 Actual Sales-1 Interest income EURO 24.09034333 et.....

      Attached images describe the report which I designed for ActualVsForecast and percentage of variance as with rule ['variance%']= (['Variance']/['Forecast'])*100

      am I doing it on right way.