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  • MaximumServerRetrysReachedException

    Hello forum,

    I'm using the .net API. It used to work fine. After reinstalling the newest Palo version, I'm getting the following error when trying to connect to Palo:

    MaximumServerRetrysReachedException : Maximum number of retries to contact the server reached (Error -32) (see also screenprint as attachment)

    the C# statement is very basic like this:
    Connection c = new Connection("localhost", "7921", "admin", "admin";);

    Anyone encountered this before? Is there any way to see some logging?

    Hope anyone can help me out. Thanks in advance.

    Bastiaan Beltman
  • RE: MaximumServerRetrysReachedException

    I did not use the .NET api yet. What palo version did you install? Community version with WSS3 or Palo Server with excel addin?

    Did you try with or another port (7777)?

    Try commandline "netstat -a" to see what ports are listening.

  • I've installed both versions. Palo is listening to port 7921 and 7777. 7921 is the server for Community version with WSS3.

    I've tried to connect to port 7777. This also fails with the same error message.

    When connecting with the Excel PaloAddin to either port 7921 or 7777 works just fine. So Palo server is listening and working as expected.

    I've used the .NET API before and it used to work fine. I've reinstalled Palo just to make sure everything is allright.

    I'm looking for an option to enable logging of the Palo server in detail to see what is happening exactly.

    Other suggestions are more than welcome.

    Thanks in advance,

    Bastiaan Beltman

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  • Thank you. I've tried this, restarted the server, but no more information in the server log.

    The strange thing is that after changing the ini and restarting the service, I could connect to palo in visual studio debug mode. Executing the 'produced' exe brought the same error though.

    After restarting the computer, the error appeared also again in debug mode.

    I will clean up my computer / try another server, dubble check the versions of the dll etc to find the cause.


    Bastiaan Beltman
  • Hi,

    I found that this problem appears when using the latest Palo MOLAP server. (Update: 17th December 09, Palo OLAP 3.0 SR1, (Build: from the exel plugin install. Also the OLAP services that ships whith the latest Rampup version gives this problem.

    The solution for now is to deinstall the most recent version and install a previous version.

    I'll report this as a bug.

    Bastiaan Beltman
  • Hello Bastiaan,

    I tried to reproduce your problem with the new servers Palo 3.0.1 (677) and Palo 3.0.2 (496).
    I used the .Net API from SDK\3.0 of 24.9.2009.
    After adding the reference to Jedox.Palo.Comm.dll and selecting PaloNetClient2005 as startup project, debugging runs through Main.cs. There

    Jedox.Palo.Comm.Connection jpc;
    jpc = new Jedox.Palo.Comm.Connection( SERVER_HOSTNAME, SERVER_PORT, USERNAME, PASSWORD);

    works at the first try.

    Best regards
    Matthias Roy