Element selection screws PALO.ENAME formula

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    • Element selection screws PALO.ENAME formula

      Finally getting around to seriously testing Palooca 2.0, and found a nasty bug.

      If you have a cell with =PALO.ENAME($A$1;"Measure";"QTY";1) and you double-click, you get the element selection dialog as usual. But when you make an alternate selection, it *mangles* the formula.. giving this (for example) after selecting "Coop" element: =PALO.ENAME($A$1;"Measure";"Coop";1;"Coop";"";"")

      This results in an "Err:504" Error in parameter list.

      This behaviour is the same on OO 2.4 and OO 3.0, both on ubuntu.

      Can anyone else confirm this?
    • The general problem is that we had to extent the amount of parameters for this function as now aliases are supported like in the excel client. The existing parameter set for the formula is converted into a new parameter set for the formula during insert view or upon double click on a filter element. It should not though lead to an error and I do not observe it on my installation.
    • If you create a view with Palooca 1.1, and then open it with Palooca 2.0, and double-click on a cell with PALO.ENAME, it will produce an error.

      OR simply insert a PALO.ENAME formula using the 1.1 format:


      =PALO.ENAME($A$1,"Warehouse","All Warehouses",1)

      And double-click on it, and make a selection.

      Its reproducible on OO 2.4 on ubuntu hardy and OO 3.0 on ubuntu jaunty.
    • Also had the error. You either had to have 3 or 6 parameters. If you had less than six parameters it always added 3 more parameters (presumably to get to six parameters). So if you have 4 parameters, you would end up with 7 parameters after the dialogue closed.

      It has been fixed: palo.svn.sourceforge.net/viewv…evision=358&view=revision
      (The log message says palo.eadd, but it should have read palo.ename)

      This fix should be included in the next release.

      Workaround for now would be to fill the function to have 6 parameters. Try doing =PALO.ENAME($A$1;"Measure";"QTY";1;"";"").
      Kind Regards,
      Pieter van der Merwe
      De Bortoli Wines

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