GenericDB by example

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    • GenericDB by example

      All my previous tries to use other jdbc-drivers working failed miserably here.

      But next month I'll have to have it running since we finally put MySQL to pasture ...

      I always wondered about the nomenclature in the ETL-Server Manual(s) so here i give a specific example that works for me.

      XML Source Code

      1. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      2. <project name="Entw_test_Exasol" version="3.0">
      3. <variables />
      4. <connections>
      5. <connection name="Exasol" type="GenericDB">
      6. <url>jdbc:exa:</url>
      7. <driver>com.exasol.jdbc.EXADriver</driver>
      8. <user>etl</user>
      9. <password encrypted="true">long_password</password>
      10. </connection>
      11. </connections>
      12. <extracts>
      13. <extract name="NeuExtract" type="Relational">
      14. <connection nameref="Exasol" />
      15. <query>
      16. <![CDATA[select count(*) from bimutter.bi_cfg_countries;]]>
      17. </query>
      18. </extract>
      19. </extracts>
      20. <transforms />
      21. <loads />
      22. <jobs />
      23. </project>
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      Copy the driver (jar-file) into etlserverpath/webapps/etlserver/WEB-
      INF/lib. The lib-directory is where you also find the Jedox-supplied drivers.

      The URL is driver-specific. Get the syntax from your DB-documentation and the address of the server from your admins.

      I wondered, what "driver" in the ETL-web-client means. In fact it has to be the classname of your driver!

      The best way to "get it" for me ws to test the connection first in SQuireL SQL Client. There you have a two phase approach:
      first define the driver (for ETL-Server the copy thing ...)
      second use it with a new connection (see above for ETL-Server)

      But in SQuirreL you do not have to guess(!) what the classname (NOT driver in the ETL server dialog) is.