Help to link cubes data with dimension data in ETL process

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    • Help to link cubes data with dimension data in ETL process

      Hi, I am new in Palo world and have worked with ROLAP solutions. I've been studied Palo Suite examples to understand ETL process in Palo, but I did not figured out how to link the data from the cube to the dimension.

      Imagine that I have 2 files (Dimension_Data.csv and Cubes_data.csv). First I load the dimension data. After I have to load cubes data, but how I set wich records in the cubes data is related to specifcs records in Dimension?

      In ROLAP solutions I make a ETL process do give a foreign key value to a fact table, but in MOLAP Palo database I do not know hot to do. How the link between Dimensions data and cubes data is loaded?

      Thanks for any help.
    • In a Table Transform, in Normalization mode, the Target Field Names must match the Dimension names.

      So for source, select your source Extract (from csv).

      See attached screen shot with example.

      BTW.. the ETL server is not a 3rd party tool.. and there is specific forum.. for your next question ;)

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    • I am using Bilker example that came whit Palo Suite.
      In the TableTransform I have as Target a Products(I supposed this is the dimension) and as yours input theris a ProductText (a field that was looked up using ProductID field).

      How Palo knows throught ProductText wich Products records it has to join?

      Thanks for Help
    • Target Field Name is the dimension name. Input is what links to elements within that dimension.

      So in the Biker example, the join is by ProductText. In a relational database world, its not a good idea to join by text, but for MOLAP it sometimes makes sense.