Cannot Add Rules

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    • Cannot Add Rules

      Hi,I cannot create rules in Palo for Excel. When I open the rule editor nothing happens when I click on "new" ("neu" in the German Version).However, I can create rules using Palo Web. These I can then see in Excel, and I can also modify them - but not create new ones.In the web interface I also see only a simple editor window, not the advanced rule editor window described in the manual (in Excel that is supposed to open when you click on "new" - and that is what is not working).???ThanksTG
    • RE: Cannot Add Rules

      Hi TG,

      I encountered the same problem when I ran the lates web and Excel client versions on the same machine.

      I saw in the bug tracker that this has been logged as an issue (see here).

      As a workaround you can edit via the web or you could export the rules to a text file and create/amend rules using a text editor (i.e. Notepad) and then reimport the file into Palo. The only problem here is that your rules syntax is not checked until the reload.

      I hope this helps.

    • Hi Rod,

      thanks for the confirmation of the issues and the "workarounds".

      Funny enough - I don't know if it had anything to do with palo - my machine got stuck while working with Excel (though not with Palo) and I had to reset it the hard way - when I rebooted I could not get bluetooth to work again. So I sacrificed one day to reinstall everything (Windows, Office, Palo and all) from scratch.

      And - the issue with the rule editor disappeared!

      I now have two palo servers running locally, one from the web package and one from palo for Excel (before there was only one, the one from "web", although I had installed the both packages just like this time); I also have the Service Manager again, which was not there before (though I had it in the summer when I tried Excel without installing web) and I have the Palo ribbon in Excel, which I never had - not in the summer and not this time.

      Anyway, I haven't tried all combinations; but with the database running on the "Palo for Excel" server the rule Editor works.

      It seems to me that Palo is still quite buggy.



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    • Hi,

      some thoughts on your comment:

      It seems to me that Palo is still quite buggy - it is a pity, I would like to use it for myself and with clients, who might of course pay for it and thus support it financially - but I cannot recommend something so unstable and with so many issues to any commercial customer.

      I've been working with many BI tools that have been similar to palo or totally different. If you compare the price of the Premium Edition to commercial products, you get the hell-of-a-lot for your €-s or $-s. That's not only my personal opinion, that's what the majority of my customers tell me too!
      By the way: the support you get from Jedox if you buy the Premium Edition is so much better than with any other commercial vendors I had to deal with.

      Do you use the Premium Edition or the Open-Source Edition (maybe even the Ramp-up)?


      ps. I don't receive any paychecks from Freiburg.

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    • Well, Tish ---

      I think you are talking about slightly different things. As of "software features" : yes, the customers can accept less features for much less money. But no one accepts any kind of errors or instability.

      As a developer I really feel that the Jedox team has done and is doing a great job with Palo. But I also understand Thorsten. When something is ready in Palo, that usually works as needed. But during development sometimes happen surprises and these make me a bit uncomfortable when making presentation to a client. I would be much better off without that feeling in my stomach.

    • Hi,

      that is exactly what I mean - value for money with respect to features, not bugs.

      I am using the "Open Source Ramp Up", but I did ask via the request form for testing the premium version if there was a difference between testing this version and the premium version. The reply I got from the sales guy I had been in contact with before was no, apart from the sap interface and multiprocessor capabilities. Consequently he didn't send me a download link or data package for the premium version.

      Maybe other tools have bugs and tedious consulting people too - but that doesn't change anything in principle.

      After some testing of typical financial reporting tasks I now feel that - once you have a stable solution - it might work, but I wouldn't let the client do things where you don't know what happens, like rules disappearing etc.

      It seems it is a great, flexible tool for doing things yourself if you know what you're doing and aren't afraid of troubleshooting. And if you have limited demands concerning formatting and "look and feel" in general.

      If you want stable, "professionally looking" solutions and processes for bigger organisations with deep enough pockets you might wanna consider other packages too (although I personally have only one other experience, and that is rather mixed, and definitely more expensive).

      In the end, the more "professional" the solutions you deliver (and even the more expensive), the more "professional" you will be considered - and the more you will be able to charge your clients.