Do I need to add a hierarchy?

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    • Do I need to add a hierarchy?

      Hi guys,

      I have a tool that adds a database and a dimension via the javaAPI:

      Database db = connection.addDatabase(dbname);
      Dimension dim = db.addDimension(dimname);

      However, after having added the dimension, I am unable to retrieve the hierarchy and afterwards add an element using the following code, which works fine for other (manually added) dimensions:

      Hierarchy[] testh = dim.getHierarchies();
      testh[0].addElement("1. Element", Element.ELEMENTTYPE_NUMERIC);

      Also I realized that I can not use the dimension in the Excel-Addin using the botton "Paste View". I, however, can see the newly added dimension listed in the palo client.

      Any clues? Thanks in advance

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