Markers and Cube Dimensions

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    • Markers and Cube Dimensions

      Hello, I have the Problem, that Palo server 3.0 crashes with my Marker-Rule.

      I Have a Cube with 5 Dimensions and if the Marker-Rule only has 4 of these Dimensions the Server crashes. (not if the Cube has the same 4 Dimensions of the Marker-Rule)

      The Problem is, that I need all 5 Dimensions because I want to make a Multiplication with another Cube, which has 4 Dimensions (3 equivalent and 1 additional --> the 5 Dimension)

      Cube: Einzahlung, gesamt (TG, Originalwährung, Quotengenau)


      [] = N: PALO.MARKER("PE-IS","Einzahlung, investiv (ges., Originalwährung)",!'Asset',!'Investor',!'Orginalwährung',"Gesamt (Einzelinvesment)",!'Zahlungszeitpunkt')
      PALO.DATA("PE-IS","Quote, tatsächlich",!'Treugeber',!'Asset',!'Investor',PALO.ENAME("PE-IS","Quoten-Stichtag",PALO.DATA("PE-IS","HILFSCUBE Quotenstichtag2",!'Asset',!'Zahlungszeitpunkt'))) @ PALO.MARKER("PE-IS","Quote, tatsächlich",!'Treugeber',!'Asset',!'Investor',!'Zahlungszeitpunkt')

      I have tried to seperate the Rules in two Cubes and use the following.

      [] = N: PALO.DATA("PE-IS", "HILFSCUBE Einzahlung, investiv (ges., Originalwährung)", !'Asset', !'Zahlungszeitpunkt', !'Investor', !'Orginalwährung') * PALO.DATA("PE-IS", "HILFSCUBE Quotenstichtag3", !'Treugeber', !'Asset', !'Investor', !'Zahlungszeitpunkt')

      As I need a Calculation on Base Elements, the Rule is really Slow and doesn't use the Markers in the referenced Cubes

      In this cube I Can't also use Palo.Marker because of the Server Crash Problem and the Dimensions of the Cube described above.