Referencing multiple elements to a single element

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    • Referencing multiple elements to a single element

      I have a cube with with two elements "Month" and "Product" and another cube with elements "Pricing"

      Cube 1
      Month: Jan 2010...Dec 2025 (ie 180 months)
      Product: A...Z

      Cube 2
      Pricing:2010...2025 (by year not monthly)

      How do I set up a rule that references a group of members in one cube to a single member in another cube?

      I figuered i could reference each month in Cube 1 "Month" individually to each year in Cube2 "Pricing", but doing this means i would have to create 180 rules just to achieve this.

      Is it possible to reference in one formula all the Months in 2010 to the Pricing in 2010?

      Here is an example of what I am trying to achieve:

      Cube 1 [Product: A] and [Values:1/31/2010,2/28/2010,3/31/2010,
      4/30/2010,5/31/2010,6/30/2010,7/31/2010,8/31/2010,9/30/2010,10/31/2010,11/30/2010,12/31/2010]= Cube 2 [Pricing: 2010]

      Thank you in advance for your help!
    • I don't think its clear what you asking... for example you are calling dimensions elements.. ie. Month and Product are dimensions, not elements - elements are contained inside dimensions.

      Also, you cannot join data items without a common dimension, otherwise you end up with a large cartesian product.

      Perhaps you should describe the high level problem you are trying to solve, and then you will have more luck getting some answers.