error raising in Palo Molap Engine 3.1

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  • error raising in Palo Molap Engine 3.1


    a help, particularly from Jedox people, about the following would be very welcome.

    I upgraded a Palo Server from 3.0 to 3.1 (Community Edition) and I noticed that our in-house developed ETL tool (it uses the JPalo APIs) now behaves differently than before: in particular, when trying to write a value to a cube cell referencing a dimension non-leaf element in rel 3.0, an error was raised by the Palo engine and logged by the ETL, while rel 3.1 is "silent": the cube cell does not get loaded, but no error is raised.
    The question is: did rel 3.1. introduce any change regarding this point?

    Many thanks in advance for any help,


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