Ratio calculation rule

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    • Ratio calculation rule

      Hello everybody,

      I have a question concerning a ratio calculation rule:

      I have an 'account' dimension with the following items:

      Total inbound stock - total
      => inbound stock item 1
      => inbound stock item 2
      => inbound stock item 3

      Total outbound stock - total
      => outbound stock item 1
      => outbound stock item 2
      => outbound stock item 3

      My rule calculates the following:

      Total ratio = total outbound / total inbound
      => ratio stock item 1 = outbound item 1 / inbound item 1
      => ratio stock item 2 = outbound item 2 / inbound item 2
      => ratio stock item 3 = outbound item 3 / inbound item 3

      it does work for the 3 underelements, but not for the total element :(

      any ideas ?

      Thanks in advance!

      Post hoc, non est propter hoc
    • Hi,

      thanks for your response

      actually yes, I duplicated the rule using, for one, the N: (that should treat the base elements), and the C: prefix for the second one (should treat consolidated elements)

      it does work for N: elements, not for the C: one

      I do not use markers (actually dunno what it is for :-S )

      Thanks for your kind help

      Post hoc, non est propter hoc
    • Hm.

      Michel is completely right and you really should not write so many rules, one piece is enough. However, if everything else is correct, the duplicated rules should work as well.

      If you still see problems then you may try looking for other rules that may influence these particular rules. For example rules with the same target area. It is possible that those N: - C:-s are missing somewhere and some rules calculate on elements where they should not or there is an unwanted overlapping.

      C: rules also can produce surprising results when higher consolidations are viewed instead of the element itself for which the rule is written (I mean consolidations along other dimensions, sums of sums).
    • yep, all that is actually right.

      unfortunately, even if I write 1 only rule, letting apart the consolidation param out (N: or C:), the calculation done by the rule does not work on the consolidated level.

      In some cases it does not matter (for example in case of a sum), but in my example I try to calculate a ratio. And the ratio of the sum on consolidated level is obviously different from the sum of the ratios

      Post hoc, non est propter hoc
    • Dear all,

      sorry for my late response.

      It works fine with Etan's solution, i.e. duplicating each rule for each level of the hierarchy to calculate the ratio on base level as well as on conso level.

      Actually I thought that the problem (as well as the solution thus) was more complicated. It was not. I guess that my test phase slipped a little :rolleyes:

      Thanks to all of you for your kindness !

      kind regards

      Post hoc, non est propter hoc