PlaoWeb MakroPHP using a variable

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  • PlaoWeb MakroPHP using a variable

    Hi there

    in Palo Web Report i have a variable "BMonat" and it is feeded from a Combox (values = 1..12).
    With a button i want to increase it's value by 1, for that i add a macro to this button whree i want to add the code by clicking : BMonat = BMonat +1

    in PHP:
    how can i read out a variable ?
    $valuet = $BMonat don't work, i also tried with = $_POST['BMonat']

    any help/ideas ? thank's a lot
  • RE: PlaoWeb MakroPHP using a variable

    It won't work directly with 3.1 because missmatch in scope of Named Formulas (NF). Form elements like combobox use default scope of Worksheet, whereas Macro Engine (ME) has access only to NF on Workbook level (we'll try to tweak that in future version).

    Anyway workaround is possible, assuming you've mapped combo to NF ComboBox1. Now add another NF, e.g. "foo" mapped to ComboBox1. In ME you can then say something like:

    Source Code

    1. ActiveSheet()->Range('A1')->value = ActiveWorkbook()->names->item('foo')->value;

    (this would set value of cell A1 to the value selected in combo)
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