automatically transport data to the next periode

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    • automatically transport data to the next periode


      I hope someone can help me.

      I want to plan the assets in a balance sheet. The closing balance of the last periode should be the opening balance for the next periode. I can do this certainly with a rule like: ['AB Sachanlagen','2009'] = ['Sachanlagen','2008'] and ['AB Flüssige Mittel','2009'] = ['Flüssige Mittel','2008']. But it is very elaborate to do this for all periods and all assets. Particulaly because I would like to plan on a monthly basis. Now I have to create a rule for every month and every asset to transport the datas forward. Is there an other possibility to use time X and time x-1, so that it can automatically transport the data forward for every periode? And is there also a possibility to do this for all asstes in one so that I dont have to create an own rule for every asset?

      I hope someone can help me...
      Thanks a lot in advance
    • Hi,

      no you have not to write lot of rules for this, you just need one or few (depending on how your Accounts dimension is structured).

      Supposing you modeled Opening Balance and Closing Balance as two Measures used in the same cube, and that your Time dimension is of type "Year->Month" (i.e., you DO NOT have separate dimensions for Month and Year), the basic rule should sound this way:

      ['Opening Balance'] = PALO.DATA("YOUR_DB", "YOUR_CUBE", PALO.EPREV("YOUR_DB", "Time", !'Time'), "Closing Balance").

      Please note that this is just the base idea, you have to adapt to your actual model. It's VERY important that you add a condition to be sure that this rule is NOT applied to the first element of the Time dimension: this element does not have a PREVious member, and applying the rule to it would make Palo crash.

      Hope this helps,