IF-Rule with false Value "no rule execution"

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    • IF-Rule with false Value "no rule execution"

      In an IF-Rule I always have to set a true value and a false value. Is there a possibility to create a rule "IF condition is true do X else do nothing"? I want to write forward the inventory from the previous month to the next month. For the first month I dont have a previos value, so I want to fill in a start value for each product manually. With my rule I only can create ONE start value for all products.

      ['AB UE/FE'] = N:IF((!'Monat') == PALO.EFIRST("DeltaAG","Monat"),200,PALO.DATA("DeltaAG","Deckungsbeitrag",!'Produkte',!'Jahr',PALO.DATA("DeltaAG","#_Monat","Vormonat",!'Monat'),!'Datenart',!'Organisation',"UE/FE"))

      Is there a possibility to set the rule out of order for the case the condition is false (or in this case the condition is true) and fill in the value manually?

      Thanks for your help!