Palo.Marker not working after update V2.5 > 3.1

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    • Palo.Marker not working after update V2.5 > 3.1


      we have used palo 2.5 with a lot of rules for months. because of performance issues we use palo.marker.

      everything was fine in 2.5. Now we had to update to 3.1 and most of the rules doesnt work anymore.

      For example the following rule:

      ['pkiv'] = N:['stundeniv_dec'] * PALO.MARKER("k3","k2",!'monat',!'jahr',"1000",!'ktr',!'art',!'pid',"STDS")

      comment: "1000" is a consilidated element!

      If i change the rule in the descriptionfield, no error is given. If i edit the rule by the editor i got the errormessage: cannote compute marker. (Error 8001)

      I dont know if the errormessage concers the changed rule or an other rule because it possible to change the rule without errormessage in the descriptionfield.

      In the editor (v3.1) its not possible to choose consolidated elements, so i think it could be the reason. by searching the forum i learned that palo.markes is completly renewed and is only working for N:calculations.

      Is there a workaround for fixing that?

      Thx a lot!

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