create new cube error

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  • create new cube error

    Please ignore this post. Discovered my cube creation error was due to an incomplete backup of the database folder. Also discovered the answer to my upgrade question - it keeps the data folder intact when upgrade. Now using 1.0b.

    Thanks and sorry for the trouble.



    I've created database model and had succesfully created a cube. Something seems to have happened to the cube, as it's no longer available for reporting.

    What's more, when I try to recreate a cube, it doesn't work. I select the dimensions, press create new cube, give it a name, and hit finish. But when the dialog box closes, there's still no cube.

    I'd was thinking of upgrading to the latest release (I'm still on TP2-2522) but I wasn't sure if I would lose my data when I upgrade.

    Would appreciate any advice.

    Thanks in advance.


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  • RE: create new cube - error

    hmmm .... using 1.0c (build 2655).

    My database had 6 dimensions and cube with all dimensions.

    I added new 7th dimension. When I try to create a new cube that contains all 7 dimensions, it doesn't seem to work.

    I get the cube creation wizard, give it a new name (FY08_sales), select all 7 dimensions, move them to the right panel. When I click finish, the window closes, but there's no new cube in the modeler window.

    Any ideas?