How to copy data (CopyCell) using the .net api?

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    • How to copy data (CopyCell) using the .net api?


      Can someone help on the following. I try to copy data from source coordinates to destination coordinates using the following:

      Connection c = new Connection("localhost", "7777", "admin", "admin");

      string[] fromCoordinate = new string[] { "Desktop L","Germany", "Jan", "2007", "Budget", "Cost of Sales" };

      string[] toCoordinate = new string[] { "Desktop L", "France", "Jan", "2007", "Budget", "Cost of Sales" };

      c.CopyCell("Demo", "Sales", fromCoordinate, toCoordinate);

      But the data is not copied. No error messages either. Anyone the same experience? I realy need this functionality to work.

      Bastiaan Beltman