OLAP server doesn't appear in my Palo Web

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  • OLAP server doesn't appear in my Palo Web


    I have a running Palo Suite 3.1 installed on my Ubuntu 10.04
    I am trying to understand how I can use the OLAP server.

    At the moment, it is up and running; I can reach it under
    When I click on server browser (url : localhost:7777/browser), I get "ACCESS DENIED
    Please use the administration interface to access the server browser."

    It's ok, since the "First steps with palo Web" doc indeed does show an administration for the OLAP server. So at this point I guess the OLAP admin lies in Palo Web, it makes sense.

    My problem is as follows: I only see four admin categories when I log in the web tool (File manager, user manager, etl manager, connection manager). There is no OLAP server as shown in the doc.
    I'd really like to be able to see and administrate this OLAP server. Note that in Connection Manager, I have an active connection to, which is the OLAP server. So that leaves me wondering why I don't actually see it in Palo Web

    What did I miss and how can I do that ?
    thanks in advance

    Edit: when I boot the server, palo_server.log says:
    2010-05-27 12:55:02 INFO: user login is required
    2010-05-27 12:55:02 INFO: http port '7777' on address '' open
    2010-05-27 12:55:02 INFO: starting to listen
    2010-05-27 12:55:20 INFO: user 'admin' logged in
    ...which seems to indicate a working connection; still nothing in Palo Web

    Edit2: I just noticed that when I open a workbook, I get following error in palo_server:
    2010-05-27 12:58:28 WARNING: error code: 2002 description: database not loaded message: database not loaded
    Indeed, the "workbook" shows the formulas, with no numbers instead; it doesn't seem to be able to get the data from the olap server

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  • Hi,

    we have the same problems here on CenOS ( see jedox.com/community/palo-forum/thread.php?threadid=2483 ).
    But this does not seem to be a question of premium version in general, since the demo-version should let you test premium features for one month, it seems to be much more a problem of OS. If you are downloading the windows premium installer it works fine, including premium features.

    There are existing several threads in the forum about this problem, even some replies to the update announcement of palo. Unfortunately i did not see any reply to this theme, not even by supporters. It seems to be a well hidden secret, however why.

  • there really is not that much to "manage":

    the behaviour of the server is set in an ini-file (palo.ini), most important for me are periodic backups from memory to disk

    you can then copy the disk files via a shell script run by cron

    starting stopping the server can be done via a shell script too

    I miss the Report Manager ...
  • PALO server 3.1.0 ACCESS DENIED in browser http://localhost:7777/browser

    I'm sorry for English because I'm French. :D

    I have the same problem.

    I'm in Palo Suite 3.2 CE.
    I try to connect to the server via browser with the URL localhost:7777/browser
    But the following error appears:

    Source Code

    1. ACCESS DENIED Please use the administration interface to access the server browser.

    I have already completed the configuration palo.ini with the following script

    Source Code

    1. user-login log .. \ .. \ log \ olap_server.log admin "" 7921 admin "" 7777 admin "" 7778 verbose info splash-limit 1000 500 100 GoalSeek-limit 1000 GoalSeek-timeout 10000 hide barrier 100000 clear-cache-cells 10000 it does not mache.

    Help please.
    thank you.
  • "Olap Server Browser" is not the same thing as Palo Web / Jedox Web. "Olap Server Browser" is simply a light-weight Web interface for debugging purposes, provided by Olap Server itself, whereas Palo Web / Jedox Web is full Web client for end users, running in Apache Web Server but using Olap Server as backend.

    OLAP Server Browser is indeed enabled by setting an entry:

    Source Code

    1. admin "<interface>" <port>

    ...in palo.ini, but it should be used ONLY for debugging purposes, as the interface has no authentication whatsoever - whoever enters that adress:port in browser will be able to do pretty much everything in olap, including deleting databases etc.

    The normal interface for Olap is configured via entry:

    Source Code

    1. http "<interface>" <port>

    ...where <port> has to be different from every other "http..." or "admin..." entry in palo.ini, i.e. unique.
    Calling that one in browser will show the same page as "Server Browser" at first, but there you're only able to view API documentation, not the server browser.

    To access Palo Web, you simply call http://<you_server_adress> in browser; of course it needs to be properly installed and accessible (i.e. not blocked by firewall etc.)