User Authorization from web based app

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  • User Authorization from web based app

    How do I do user authorization for Palo views on cube for users. Client is web based application on apache. Is there anyway Apache SSO can integrate with Palo user manager ?

    Is there any LDAP required or if it is there that Palo user manager can integrate with ?

    Any literature on this ?
  • Not sure what do you mean by "Palo views on cube". Is this a report in the Report Manager? If so, you can generate an "external link" (URI) for the report that can include login data (right click on a report, choose Properties). You can then use this external link from you other application to directly open the report without logging in.

    As for LDAP, Palo Suite authenticates against Palo server. Palo server has an optional component (premium) called Supervision-Server (SVS). SVS can use LDAP for authentication.
  • I have a custom portal where I want to show Palo pivot/cubes/slices in only one/two frames of the portal.

    The slices are user specific ( user created views on the cube) and require authorization. What is the best way to have this implemented.

    1. Where can user authentication credentials reside ?
    2. Will this require use of user manager when user logs in ?
    3. What options do I have to authenticate and authorization checks ? apart from ldap/ SVS.

    I have user saves slices on palo olap cube and have user specific application data like images outside of palo in a rdbms. I need to show both when the user logs in. Please let know the easiest and best way to implement this.