Problem with data import

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  • Problem with data import


    I'm trying to import Datas drom a flat file *.csv or *.txt

    all work fine except when i click on the "Next" icon ,

    i'v e just have the first raw wich is full, so i click on "Next" again and the first raw accept the next data

    the second , third and next RAWs arent never fit !!!

    So all time i click on Next , the next data erase the precedent data in the first raw

    my file is small (5ko) and contain 10 items !!!

    could someone explain me , please



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  • RE: Problem with data import


    I have had a look at the setdata function in the C api and don't believe at the moment it is possible to perform an additive import.
    If you need to do this then I would suggest you use either of these methods:
    1) Perform a sum and group by function on the data in a relational database and then import it
    eg select a, b, c, sum(d) from table group by a, b, c
    2) Use Excel to get the value and the If function in excel
    eg in cell b1 type =PALO.DATAC("local/server","CubeName",$a$1,$b$1,$c$1)
    then in cell b2 type =if(b1=0,Palo.setdata(value, "false", "local/server","cubename", $a$1, $b$1, $c$1), Palo.setdata(b1 + value, "false", "local/server","cubename", $a$1, $b$1, $c$1))

    Obviously method 2 may vary depending upon your excel setup and you might need to use something like =ISNA() instead of b1=0
    Ideally Palo won't store zero values since this isn't good for sparsity and can have an adverse effect on the performance of rules, but I haven't had time to see if this is the case of not.

    Hope this helps