Palooca for Openoffice issues

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    • Palooca for Openoffice issues

      I have created a cube with 7 dimensions (including measures dimension) in Palo Suite 3.1 Linux.

      Using the Palo addin in Excel, I'm able to browse/select the all the dimensions. But in Openoffice 3.2 (windows and linux), after the selecting the database in Paste View, it just hangs). I have installed Palooca 2.0.3.

      My database.csv in the Data folder is about 7.2 MB.

      Does it mean the Palooca addin cannot handle cube of this size?
    • Check my core.log and it shows "ERROR [php_macro_engine] PHPSapi : failed to load any extensions from non-existent directory 'php extensions'

      [INFO] Initialize the PHP module and extensions with loglevel of error'

      Palo was installed on Ubuntu 10.4. Does it mean that I have to install php?
    • you do not need php for PalOOCa - the error message seems to com from the PaloSuite log.

      look here:

      found on 32bit Kubuntu 10.04

      will try the PalOOCa 2.03 on 64Bit tonight - 2.02 does not work in 64 Bit
    • Thanks, Axi.

      I suspected it is the OpenOffice/Java client issue. When using Excel-addin for Palo, the response was good.

      I have tuned the Openoffice 3.2 (Palooca 2.0.3 extension) settings :-

      Tools, Options,, Memory :

      Graphics cache = 256 MB
      Memory per object = 5 MB
      Remove from memory = 10 min
      Number of objects = 1024

      Tools, Options, Java (used Java 6 Update 20)
      Added start options = c:\program files\java....\java -Xms1024M -Xmx1024M

      After the settings have been changed and I had to reduce the cube data from several years to one month, only then can Palooca work. When I expand the dimensions or add another dimension to the worksheet, a progress bar will appear at the bottom of OpenOffice displaying "Adapting row height". This will take more than 30 seconds to complete (sometimes it hangs). Some of the dimension elements range from 100 to 1000 items.

      The performance of Palooca is still inferior compared to the Excel plugin. Can anyone (from Tensegrity perhaps) comment on this and what should be the optimum settings for Openoffice/Java.