Problem in hierarchy

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    • Problem in hierarchy


      I load a cube with Talend components, to use it then with Excel (drill-down in the data).

      The data I have to load in the cube are like this.
      Niv1 Niv2 Niv3 Measures
      A A1 A11 10
      A A1 A12 20
      A A2 A21 10
      A A3 10 ---> nothing for Niv3 in this case
      B B1 B12 10

      I have a hierarchy : an element Niv3 is included in an element Niv2 which is included in an element Niv1.

      So, in my cube, I have defined three dimensions (the last second have a hierarchy).
      The dimension Niv1.
      The dimension Niv2 with a hierarchy : A1, A2, A3 are included in A. B1 is included in B.
      The dimension Niv3 with the following hierarchy : A11, A12 are included in A1 which is included in A. A21 is included in A2 which is included in A. B12 is included in B1 which is included in B.

      When I load with Talend the line number 4 (A A3 10) in the cube, I have a problem because I have no element fot the dimension Niv3 and all the dimensions are necessary.

      How can I do ?