[Bug] 'Recent Document' Style in IE (8)

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  • [Bug] 'Recent Document' Style in IE (8)

    The "Recent Document" list is broken in IE with all elements stacking on each other because of the float and incorrect heights of the elements (see attachment, edited out "sensible" data).

    To correct this you need to edit

    Source Code

    1. docroot/ui/ld/studio/main.css

    and add

    Source Code

    1. clear:both;

    to the class

    Source Code

    1. #recent-list-view .thumb-wrap

    Tested in IE 8, Firefox 3.6.3, Opera 10.53 on Windows.
  • Hi, yes pretty sure as I changed there and copy pasted the name from the css :).

    Be sure to edit the correct file (there is also a main.css.something in the same folder) and force a refresh some times, it didn't refreh immediately for me either. If this still doesn't work try to restart the server if you have the ability to do so, as the app seems to cache the css and add some data to it when calling the page. If this still doesn't help, try to add the clear entry before the float entry. It *shouldn't* matter, but who knows.