How to create report whit combo box?

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  • How to create report whit combo box?

    I want to create a report whit combo box in spreadsheet.

    I saw an exemple in Palo 30 Manual on site 36, whit cobo box and
    dyna ranges. In that example are used data from same dimenson ( region) in combo box and column of table.

    i want to create somthing similar but I dont want to have same data in combo box and in table. I want to use combo box like a filter . Example of somthing like that is shown in Online demos

    There is also example in Palo Manual on page 256. ( Creating of a Web Application with Palo, Excel and Worksheet Server) how to create report in Palo excel add-in whit Paste view and to prepare it for spredadsheet in Worksheet server, that it has a drop down box ( combo box), but in Word 2007 there is not Worksheet Server.

    I want to use drop down boxes instead of standard Paste view selection lists in reports( for user view).

    Has any done somthing like this?

    Student Marino Mateljan
    Faculty of Economics & Business,
    Business Informatics
    Zagreb, Croatia