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  • HYPERLINK Function


    I have some problems generating links to external URLs via the HYPERLINK function in Palo Spreadsheet.

    My example:
    An URL to an external resource is placed in cell A1 (e.g. jedox.com). Via the HYPERLINK function I want to create a link that refers to this external resource:

    =HYPERLINK(A1,"Link to external resource","","")

    The link is generated but when I try to click it there's the tooltip error message "Invalid Reference. Please edit to make it work properly.". The same problem raises when I try to create the Hyperlink via Insert-->Hyperlink-->From Cell or "assemble" the URL from the content of multiple cells e.g. "http://www." in A1 and "jedox.com" in B1 --> =HYPERLINK(A1&B1,"Link to external resource","","")

    The only way getting it to work is by placing the URL directly into the formula =HYPERLINK("http://www.jedox.com","Link to external resource","","").

    Does anyone know a solution for this problem? We're currently running on Release:

    Thanks in advance

  • RE: HYPERLINK Function

    Hi Michael,

    similar problems are very well know in EXCEL in general (but you are talking of Palo WEB).

    In EXCEL this topic can be solved manually with pressing "F2"-key (which activates "Edit-Mode" and transforms the hyperlink-"text" to an activated hyperlink).

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  • RE: HYPERLINK Function

    Hi buettner,

    thanks for your remarks. The HYPERLINK function in Excel works just fine for me, even when assembling the URL from the content of different cells.

    In Palo Web I read the URLs from a special cube with the PALO.DATA function and when I try to make them clickable with the HYPERLINK function the depicted problems appear.