Using Calculated Element in Rule

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    • Using Calculated Element in Rule

      Hi all,

      I've got the string elements "relevanter Monat" and "relevantes Jahr". There're rules to fill these elements which work properly. I want to use these elements to get a target value with this rule:

      ['akt. Zielwert'] = N : PALO.DATA("Philipp_Test","BSC_test",!'Strategie',['relevanter Monat'],"Zielwert",['relevantes Jahr'])

      Actually this Rule is not working and I cannot find the fault.
      Thanks in advance for your help!

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    • Hi,

      I think you need to strip out the square brackets from the right part of your rule, because at present, by enclosing the name of the elements between [], you are putting a marker on a calculated element, that is not possible.

      If this does not solve, could you post a reduced version of your palo db (just zip its data directory and upload it) to let me have a closer look?



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    • RE: Using Calculated Element in Rule

      Hi Philipp,

      The syntax you're using will not work. You need to replace the references between square brackets from 'internal notation' to 'external notation', i.e. using a PALO.DATA reference to the value.

      Something like
      ['akt. Zielwert'] = N : PALO.DATA("Philipp_Test","BSC_test",!'Strategie',PALO.DATA("Philipp_Test", "cube", !'dim', ..., "relevanter Monat"),"Zielwert",PALO.DATA("Philipp_Test", "cube", !'dim', ..., "relevantes Jahr"))

    • Thanks for your advice!!

      @realquo: I think markers are defined by double brackets "[[ ]]", not the single ones. Therefor your idea did actually not work.

      @Michel: I've been trying today for a long time. I found out that both notations work. Here the further explanation:

      As I found out today, I think the problem is a string type problem. If I make a double click on 2 belonging together calculated strings element "relevanter Monat" and "relevantes Jahr",I see the values in small windows and press OK, then the rule for the belonging target value works perfectly!! It's like I have to confirm everey single string value.
      A further problem is that I can overwrite my calculated strings ("1" and "2010" for example to "2" and "2011") The values for "relevanter Monat" and "relevantes Jahr" do not change, but the values which are used in the rule for the target value become the overwritten value. Why is this possible? Calculated numers cannot be overwritten this way.