Rules Documentation -- where???

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    • RE: Rules Documentation -- where???

      Hi Holger,

      thanks for your quick reply. Well, I've noticed these 15 some pages as well and, true, they are quite helpful. What I miss is a documentation about more sophisticated formulas, operators, etc.

      I browsed through this forum and noticed what kind of rules people build using functions like STET() oder CONTINUE().

      As I am new to OLAP cubes, I hoped to find some helpful examples about the possibilities of Rules as well.

      Any help appreciated!

    • RE: Rules Documentation -- where???

      I don't have the last (free) version of the manual but in the one I bought some time ago there's a specific paragraph (11.10: Supported function for rules) that lists all the operators you can use in rules; the rest is up to your creativity...

      In case the new manual doesn't contain that chapter pls let me know, I'll let it available,

    • RE: Rules Documentation -- where???

      I see... I myself learned most of it through trial and error and by browsing through the options of the formula editor.

      If you come across any particularly sophisticated challenges, feel free to describe them here, there are many experienced people around to help you.