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  • delete database...

    Hi all!

    I have successfully set up a palo-server two weeks ago and built a database in order to test whether Palo is a good tool for consolidation of budgets.

    The database for consolidation of budgets works very well and my personal opinion is that Palo is a very neat and practical tool to use.

    Yesterday I set up a new database - to play around with sales. My problem today is that I can't access my server at all now due to some problem with the new database I created yesterday.

    Can I delete the newly created database in the data-folder on the server machine? I do really not want do loose the first database I created since I spent several days on it and it worked prefectly!

    Would really appriciate some piece of advice how to delete my faulty second database...


    extract from logg:

    03.08.2006 08:28:40 INFO: synchronizing storage ids
    03.08.2006 08:28:40 ERROR: SERVER MAIN: error loading data:
    Error code: -25
    0 id_maps_generate() [ id_map.c:0142]: element "Lagerställe" is of invalid type (expected: numeric; given: consolidated)
    1 cube_restore_data() [olap_cube_data.c:0598]: -
    2 load_cube() [ load.c:0466]: -
    3 load_database_simple() [ load.c:0240]: -
    4 load_database() [ load.c:0398]: -
    5 load_root_simple() [ load.c:0149]: -
    6 load_root() [ load.c:0189]: -
    7 load_data() [ main.c:0118]: -
    8 servermain() [ main.c:0282]: -

    03.08.2006 08:28:40 ERROR: SERVICE MAIN: server main failed!
    03.08.2006 08:28:40 INFO: SERVICE MAIN: done.
    03.08.2006 08:29:07 INFO: MAIN: done - exiting...