Can’t save changes in the file (write protection)

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  • Can’t save changes in the file (write protection)

    Hello together!

    Got a little problem:

    I imported an excel file in PALO WEB. After double-click on this file in Palo Web this file opens in Excel. After doing some modifications I can’t save these changes in that file.
    My computer runs the server and I have admin rights

    Did I overlook anything in the options or isn’t it just possible?
  • I guess this could be the standard behavior of Browser/Excel/Windows. File gets saved in the temporary directory as read-only. You can do Save As or Save As Copy from withing Excel. Alternatively you can save when downloading, instead of opening directly in Excel.

    The question is, what do you expect to happen?

    If you want to import Excel file in order to be able to edit it from within Palo Web, you have to do it differently: from within running Application(open template) in Palo Web, you have to go to File/Import and Save the file after that.
    Mit freundlichen Gruessen/ With kind Regards / Meilleures salutations

    Vladislav Malicevic
    VP Development & Support
    Jedox AG