No Opensource download available

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  • No Opensource download available


    i wanted to download Palo for Excel opensource (community) version. Unfortunately, there is only a download for the premium version.

    Is this a kind of "sign" of Jedox new strategy? Is Jedox going to suppress the open source version?

    I think it's Jedox right to do so, but:
    - you should inform in the right way about that
    - you should still give access to the older versions

    Best Regards
  • RE: No Opensource download available

    Hello Jayku,

    after the rework of the Jedox web site, community downloads can be found by scrolling down and clicking on "Community- and more downlaods". You will also find older versions there.

    I was angry as well when I saw that first, feels like there is a marketing strategy behind it, trying to make it harder to find the free versions...

  • RE: No Opensource download available

    Thank you very much, Holger.

    I don't know why those open source companies do like that - at least after having got their Venture Capital.......

    Community is important. Many companies start with a non-supported version and than "migrate" to a paid version or at least take some support contract.
    However: transparency is key!

    Hiding the open source download links, providing only source-code versions etc. is a strategy i never could understand. They will just loose potential customers with that. Look at Compiere etc.

    Best regards

    BTW: we are a paying customer - nevertheless i wanted to do some tests with the open source version. Think about it, JEDOX!!!
  • Yes I was a bit surprised by how hidden it was when I visited the web site yesterday. If I hadn't known it was there SOMEWHERE I'd have given up, but I did eventually find it hidden away at the bottom with just a text link.

    The OS version seem to be becoming very much the poor relative of the Premium version....
    Best wishes

    John Hobson
    The Planning Factory, Lytham, UK