Recommended platform for PALO Suite

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  • It should not matter that much - the servers are Apache and Tomcat (there might be a difference in Java runtime).

    The source for Palo server compiles both in Linux and Windows.

    64 bit is useful only for Palo server ATM. 64 bit for the rest is in development.

    The setup is better on Windows. I had to manually research unexpected behaviour and tweak some port settings and startup scripts in the Linux version.

    For servers I prefer Linux. I use Debian stable. Ubuntu on my test/development machines.

    The Excel addin (not Palo suite related!) has more functions than the Open Office Addin. Open Office Addin does not work on my 64 bit systems (only 32 bit).

    You can use the Palo Suite for many tasks that you otherwise would use the spreadsheet addins. esp. User rights.

    Single sign on needs the commercial Supervison Server on both platforms.

    On Linux one should use the distro packages - the developers give you binaries of all additional servers and PHP runtime.

    Security: Linux IMO
    Performance: do your benchmarks ( I did not since the performance for about 10-15 users here is fine on Linux and Windows is only our last resort for proprietary stuff).

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