Planning via Excel

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  • Planning via Excel

    Hi together,

    I am new with Palo and also new inside this forum. I worked through the two manuals "First steps with Palo" and "Palo for Excel".

    Now I am building a Cube to compare budget(s) and actual numbers. The firstproblem I am faced with is how to get the planning data into the Cube the best way. Herefore I want to put in some helping data to calculate the planning data (e. g. by entering personal and payment data (basic pay, bonuses...). The results should be inserted into another cube of the database.

    Herefore would like to construct some "Data Input Pages" in an Excel Sheet, where you can fill in the base "helping" data. On this page you also have to be able to set up new base elements, e. g. putting in a new product or a new employee with all its master data.

    What I still didn't find ou is how I can set up a page like this and what are the correct Palo commands to get this task done: For he setup of the page and for the insertion into the other cube.

    Maybe there are even existing tutorials or databases with excel sheets for these kind of problems that would help me.

    That's it for now, thanx for your help in advance.


  • in the advanced handbook there is a chapter 2 where you find an overview for im- and exporting data

    just for planning: most of it can be done via "COPY" like #COPY actual;2009 in the budget cells and then fine tune the numbers

    even for new products it is often easy to copy the actual data from an existing product and start working from there

    maybe you should attend a webinar from Jedox and watch the part on splashing