Differences between periods

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    • Differences between periods

      I am facing the following question (hopefully not too confusing ;-)):

      I am working on a cash flow model. For this calculation I have to calculate the difference beween the actual value for the month and the value for the previous period.


      DIM_Time: JAN FEB MAR
      Value0001: 100 200 300
      Value9999: 400 600 400

      DiffValue001: ... (FEB-JAN)

      Of course I could create a rule that Difference_Value001_FEB=FEB-JAN, but that would mean that I have to create thousands of rules which I would like to avoid.

      Does anyone have an idea?

    • RE: Differences between periods

      Hello Scotty,

      I once tried something similar. The idea was to set a start balance for every period to the end balance of the previous period. Here is how I did it ("AB" is for start_balance and "EB" for end_balance):

      ['AB'] =
      IF((PALO.EINDEX("db","Month",!'Month') + PALO.EINDEX("db","year",!'year')) == 2,STET(),

      IF(PALO.EINDEX("db","month",!'month') != 1,!'year',
      IF(PALO.EINDEX("db","month",!'month') > 1,

      But the whole thing made the model so slow that I deleted it again. I tend to solve these things inside the report if I have a chance to, I believe a MOLAP database cannot cope with that kind of rules when it comes to performance.

      Sorry for all the mad faces, that is what the software makes out of an "X" :)


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