.csv importing: metadataimport.xls does not fit my data base!

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  • .csv importing: metadataimport.xls does not fit my data base!

    Dear all!

    I am only one step away from importing my data but obviously it’s the hardest one.
    The manual says (chapter “importing elements”) I have to use the file “metadataimport.xls” to import my own csv-file.
    But what if my database has completely different dimensions to those in that file?
    Do I have to create another metadataimport-file for my purposes at all or do I am thinking too complicated?
    Or is it possible to walk another way? I only need to import one but big sheet (~64000 rows) with 4 dimensions

    Thx for your help! That problem keeps me busy since days X(
  • RE: .csv importing: metadataimport.xls does not fit my data base!

    Here's a sample of my database.
    In PALO I created the dimensions, elements, hierachies and the cube, no problem.

    But the last step, to import the data is making me quite mad even though or especially because I know the solution isn't difficult.......
  • try the importer in Excel

    in the first row you'll see the contents of your csv-file running through - stop this

    then you have one row of your data in the first line and then you put two SETDATA-formulas in your sheet since you have two measures in your file

    you have to hardcode one dimension element in the SETDATA formula since you say you have 4 dimensions but I see only three in your screenshot

    when finished with the formla start step two above again