IF with attribute

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    • IF with attribute

      I am somewhat new with the Palo product. I wrote the following rule and it parses OK but I did not get the correct answer - all "0"'s in the cube.

      Cube (Company Forecast) has 6 dimensions: MC Customers, Products, version, month, year, account. Vol Gro Rate is element in account dimension (numeric). Status is attribute dimension (string) with "New" as attribute element

      [Vol Gro Rate]=IF(PALO.DATA("COMPANY Forecast", #_MC Customers", "Status",!"MC_Customers")=="New", 15,0).

      Seems fairly basic. Not sure where I have gone wrong. Any suggestions / comments are appreciated?

    • In your description you mixed up some words. Maybe you have a fault in your thinking. Status is an attribute element with type string of the dimension MC Customers. And "New" is a value which can be assigned to Status. So you first have to fill the Status attribute for the Customers (e.g. by pasting a view with the attributedimension #_MC Customers) and afterwards check the functionality of your rule. actually it should be working correctly!