How control access to files?

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  • How control access to files?


    I try to limit my users in their rights. Most works fine, but now I like to limit the access to files.

    Here is my construction:
    • Users: UserA, UserB, UserC
    • Groups: GroupA, GroupB
    • Folders: FolderA, FolderB
    UserA is in GroupA, UserB in GroupB, UserC in GroupA and GroupB
    GroupA should access FolderA but not FolderB, GroupB contrarian

    I can set rights for FolderA like this
    GroupA: allow read
    GroupB: deny read

    This works fine for UserA and UserB. UserC should have access to both folders, but unfortunally he has no rights.

    Any idea how to solve this problem?

    Greetings, CNX
    Andreas Mueller
    FORECAST Unternehmensplanungen GmbH, Berlin, Germany