use of PALO formulas other than SUBSET in dynaranges

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  • use of PALO formulas other than SUBSET in dynaranges


    In the DynaRange properties, you can set the source to a formula.

    I would like to use a PALO function, different than SUBSET as a source. I am using for example the function

    =PALO.DIMENSION_LIST_ELEMENTS("Palo local/Demo";"Years")

    I expect the dynarange to give all the years available in the dimension, but the "User Mode" does not display a single year at all.

    Am I doing something wrong, or is this function not supported in dynaranges.
    Kind regards,

    Arthur van den Berg

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  • But this you can achieve by a subset. Just filter it under "Hierarchy" by base elements only, the it will output just years, but no All years or something like that. If years are also consolidated, you could filter from level /to level and just keep the year level which then looks like a plain list of years also.