How to draw a graph in VB.Net...

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    • How to draw a graph in VB.Net...

      Your probably going to want to use the gdi+ library that comes with In a nutshell, you create a graphics object, either from the form or the control ( usually a picturebox). Then you can either draw lines curves on that control using the graphics object.

      this code will draw a black line on a picturebox from the upper left corner down to the lower right.

      Dim graphicsobject As Graphics = Me.PictureBox1.CreateGraphics()
      graphicsobject.DrawLine(Pens.Black, 0, 0, Me.PictureBox1.Width, Me.PictureBox1.Height)

      there are other methods that will draw arcs and curves depending on how much data you have and what you need the output to look like, one of those may suit your purposes better.

      also note that if you place this code in the form.load function, it will not properly work. You will need to ensure that the form is fully rendered before you call this code. I usually attach this to some other event that will happen after the form is fully loaded - like a button press or a timer.


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