Loss of data after writing a rule with if-condition

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    • Loss of data after writing a rule with if-condition

      I am quite surprised. I have written a rule with a if-condition. Afterwards the palo-server have to be restarted, because there was no possibility to interact with the server.
      The problems now:
      1. I have a big data-loss, why could this happen?
      2. I cannot find the old rules, but when I write a new one, the Index of the new rule starts not with No. 1, are these rule still excisting??
      Best regards
    • RE: Loss of data after writing a rule with if-condition


      I also had bad experiences writing rules. I'm not inside palo technicalities, but IME when a rule caused a palo server crash, existing rules were cancelled (e.g. circularities in the rule logic can make this happen).
      I suppose user-entered data still in the _cube_.log files waiting to be physically written in the .archived files could also be lost in this case.

      The only suggestion I can give is to export rules VERY often during development...

    • Hi,
      thank you for your support!! But I have one more question relating the data-loss:
      what must be happen that the data are written in the archived files? I am upset, because i have lost data, I have imorted several days ago. In the first days, the palo-server was installed local on my PC and I knew that the data will be archived, when I switch off the PC. But now the palo-server is installed on a central network-server, in this case, why are the data not written every day in the archied-files??
      All the best
    • OK, the data are written from the log-file into the archive-file and are loaded together with the csv-file. I hope this will happen, when I restart the server, in this case my data are not lost. But why are these data not directly written in the csv file and when are data tranferred from the archiv-file to the csv-file???? Sorry, I am a little bit confused...
    • Hi,

      I have to correct myself: modifications are stored in the .archived files (at high level, e.g. the values that was entered in a consolidate cell) from the log files when the service is stopped. At the same time (service stop) the result is written in the csv file, I suppose at low level (base cells),